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zongyi May 9

in recent years, solid wood adds up to floor a new force suddenly rises, broke aggrandizement floor and the condition that solid Mudebaner divides the world, why is its face city so welcome? Among them key depends on, the stable function that solid wood combines a floor to hold an aggrandizement floor concurrently and the exterior with real wood natural floor.plywood ceiling designs modular Believe some people can be oppugned, can you have such floor board? Below, small make up the pull current Cheng that uncovers secret solid wood to join a floor board for you, in order to solve the doubt in the heart.

The first pace: Log select material is broken up

Nice lumber gift gives good floor board, rate of fence per linear foot log quality is crucial to the influence of floor quality. The quality control of good brand begins to guard a pass from log select material, good lumber is the base that produces a high grade floor board.

The 2nd pace: Log comes back cut dry

This working procedure is used at treatment to make multilayer the solid wood that solid wood combines floor base material board, base material is solid the quality of quality of wood board and finished product floor is inseparable. buy exterior teak floor tiles Rotate the fact that cut gives wood board is thick about 1.5 millimeter, come back after cutting, still need for some time to undertake dry.

The 3rd pace: Solid wood board grading

To assure the quality of each floor, normal manufacturer chooses moderate of Bao Houjun divide evenly, ply only normally, and flawless, without the fact that rupture wood board regards a floor as base material, sell stairs wood deck the member that choose by full-time cent undertakes choosing to floor base material.

The 4th pace: Core board gelatinize is discharged board

Professional gelatinize equipment undertakes operating, can make sure gelatinize amount is even, improve gelatinize work efficiency. The thin fact that passes 8-10 layer a surname glue wood board is orderly ground freely crisscross is statified arrange, agglutinate is together, can change the extend way with lumber original fiber. Be this one pace, reformed thoroughly of real wood lumber wet bilge the limitation of drying shrinkage.



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