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wade May 11
Penis on the runway. A punch backstage. Rick Owens really knows how to shake things up.Today Longchamp in Paris, the designer showed a monastic collection starring catwalkers who wore — well, each other.Owens’ models were harnessed to other models, and marched out hanging coach factory upside down or strapped right side up, all as a singer named Eska belted the soulful theme song from the movie “Exodus.” The crowd was moved coach outlet to uproarious applause as the provocateur took his bow — and then beat his guests to the door.In coach factory outlet a statement released right after the show, Owens said the performance was about “support and cradling” and that the straps were symbolic “loving ribbons.”You heard it here, people: human fanny packs for spring!
Guests leaving Stella McCartney’s runway show on Monday were treated to a surprise double Longchamp Outlet feature when they emerged from the Opera Garnier to find a coterie of young women and men marching in front of the venue, dressed mostly in Longchamp Sale a mix of de-and -re-constructed layers. The troop then lined the steps, arresting the attention of even the most self-interested peacocks.No, it wasn’t a McCartney camp michael kors bags stunt, as some onlookers surmised. It was a real-deal, Jenny Humphrey-style guerrilla fashion show put on by a 17-person collective named Badass16.“We just wanted to express michael kors outlet clearance ourselves and present our designs to the world and share them with everyone,” designer Gabrielle Rul told The Post after the stunt. The 20-year-old Parisian, a michael kors outlet recent graduate of the Studio Berçot design school in Paris, said the group was made up of street-cast models as well as classmates wearing their own Longchamp Handbags creations. Why the Opera house? It’s an important symbol of the city, Rul explained, a place were people would be able to experience fashion sans RSVP.“Creativity michael kors outlet online should be shared with everyone,” she insisted. “We are the new generation and we have things to say.”
Known for her impeccable taste in high fashion, Coach Outlet Store Online Marjorie Harvey — wife to mogul and comedian Steve Harvey — is flattered, not offended, when people compare her to Cookie from “Empire.”“I can see some Michael Kors Purses of the similarities when people relate me to Cookie,” she told The Post at Dennis Basso’s NYFW show.But while she agrees Cookie has a killer wardrobe, Michael Kors Harvey does see certain differences between her and Taraji P. Henson’s character on the Fox series. “If you want to put me in that same category, Longchamp Bags it’s OK,” she said. “I take it as a compliment — except the jail part. I have never done hard time!”
Sure, you’ll likely find celebutante Longchamp Outlet Paris Hilton sitting in the front row at Fashion Week these days — but the queen of Famous for Being Famous was once the one walking coach handbags the runway.The socialite reflected on her old modeling days while making the rounds at Alice + Olivia’s presentation along with Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Justice and newly michael kors married sister Nicky.“I remember walking in one of my first fashion shows when I was 16 when I moved to New York — Heatherette,” Hilton told Longchamp Bag The Post. “I was so excited, and it was so much fun, and I got to wear all of these crazy outfits. I miss that.”So would Michael Kors Handbags she ever return to the runway? “You never know, but I’m so busy, I’m literally on a plane every day,” she said. “I just got in michael kors handbags from Ibiza yesterday.”Hilton, who’s attended her fair share of fashion shows over the years, also revealed Nicky is her Fashion Week secret weapon. “I always ask michael kors outlet online sale my sister [for advice on what to wear],” she said. “I love her fashion sense.”As for her fashion must-have? Hilton sums it up in one word: coach purses “Louboutins.”
Manolo Blahnik just let the other shoe drop on his footwear rival Christian Louboutin. The red-sole cobbler launched a new app last month called Louboutinize, coach outlet online which lets users wash their Instagrams in a Rouge filter. But 72-year-old Blahnik scoffed at the idea of creating a similar program himself.“I don’t want gimmicks Coach Outlet Store like that. I can’t stand it,” Blahnik tells Threads. “I find it very tacky. I like to do things how they should be done,” adds the Michael Kors Bags designer, whose new book, “Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions,” debuted last week.That also means skipping over the whole ugly-shoe trend, especially those infamous goat-fur, $1,800 Gucci loafers. michael kors purses “I’m not keen on this thing,” says Blahnik of the Muppet-esque slippers. “Doing this is kind of old-fashioned. You have to do beautiful stuff nowadays, things Coach Bags that are going to last. I don’t like ugly things, heavy things. I like light and beautifully made,” he says. “Unfortunately, not into this.”

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